Saturday, May 24, 2014

Paris Cravings

Paris Cravings, by Kimberley Montpetit (aka award-winning children's author Kimberley Griffiths Little), is the perfect kind of summer reading. It reminded me  of Anna and the French Kiss, without all the relationship drama.

Paris CravingsChloe Dillard has enjoyed every moment of her ten-day Paris student trip--the pastries, the sights, and not least, the absence of her pressuring boyfriend. She loves Matthew, but after the Worst Night of Her Life (a mystery that only gradually comes clear in the story), everything seems complicated. Paris is the perfect escape.

But when a last-minute pastry run leads to an injury--and getting left behind by her tour group, Chloe has to rely on the kindness of the pastry shop owner, and the owner's dreamy son, to help her not only survive her last 48 hours in Paris, but thrive. As she learns how to make pastries and tours the city with Jean-Paul, Chloe finds herself rethinking most of what she thought she knew about her life.

The story was charming: Chloe herself is adorable and if Jean-Paul seems a teeny bit too good to be true, I'm not complaining. I was on occasion frustrated with Chloe's inability to see the problems with her boyfriend that seemed only too clear to an adult reader, but I think this is true to life for Chloe's age. I liked, too, that the book didn't end quite as I expected.

A great read for those who like their romances fun, frothy, and clean.

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