Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Inside Job

Inside Job Connie Willis is one of my favorite sci-fi authors: her To Say Nothing of the Dog is one of my favorite books. So I was thrilled to see a book I hadn't read of hers. And while I would agree with other reviewers that this isn't her best, it was still a fun, enjoyable read.

Rob owns and writes for the Jaundiced Eye, a professional debunking magazine. When his lovely assistant (and sole employee) Kildy brings him reports of a new psychic, he's not exactly interested--the psychics are all the same. But when Kildy drags him to a session, he's intrigued despite himself: the psychic, Ariaura, appears to be channeling one of Rob's literary icons--H.L. Mencken. And Ariaura doesn't appear to know she's doing it. Soon, Rob is convinced that Ariaura isn't clever enough to pull this off on her own--it has to have been an inside job. But who is helping her?

This was a clever combination, part mystery, part romance. And if I saw the ending coming, I still enjoyed the ride.

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