Thursday, June 19, 2014

Only Everything

Only Everything (True Love, #1) Only Everything, by Kieran Scott

Eros, the daughter of Aphrodite, has just been exiled from Mount Olympus--with her mother--for defying Zeus and hiding her boyfriend, Orion. Her task: make three human matches without her powers before her time runs out, or Orion will die. She enrolls in human high school, totally clueless about lots of human conventions (which suggests that she never really paid attention before). She meets Charlie, a charming drummer who's newly enrolled as well and struggling with expectations from his football coach father. With one half of a match in her sights, Eros casts around for a suitable match. Meanwhile, Katrina is struggling to recover from her father's unexpected death and to deal with her unpredictable boyfriend.

I liked both Charlie and Katrina a great deal, but I struggled to connect with Eros, who did not seem very divine (more immature and angsty). But I did come to admire her as she struggled through the task she'd been set. I never did really get the vision of her great love with Orion, and the flashbacks were my least favorite parts of the book. Overall, a cute, fast read, but not a lot of depth.

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